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Secret Power


Billy Graham Library Selection, book 17

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Secret Power is a rallying cry for action to all Christians, encouraging believers to bring out the true potential of their church, with an intensity and scale scarcely seen for centuries.

Standing at the forefront of the Christian Revival movement of the 19th century, Moody was one of the principle figures responsible for a great resurgence in belief throughout North America. His charismatic pleas to the public of the United States to comprehend and act upon the power of God were successful, and he was able to encourage established and frontier communities alike toward spiritual practice.

In Moody’s view, the church had lost its luster over the centuries. Much of the old doctrine and ceremony was losing its resonance with believers, who found it hard to comprehend. Decrying this spiritual impotency, the author advocates for a new and open form of Christianity, which accounts for the facts of the believer’s everyday life and trials – such inclusive mindfulness would restore and expand the church’s sublime relevance.

Jocular, open and honest, Moody spoke what he felt needed to be said, and did not cloak his ideas or words with cryptic or ambiguous sentiment. Instead we recognize the character who had such a great impact not merely upon millions of Christian believers, but upon the very social fabric of the North American continent as it developed and took shape. The Bible regained its place in the American homestead, and the Moody Bible Institute he founded continues to provide Christian education to this day.

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