Sunday Morning Opportunities for Bible Study


Open Bible with reading glasses, notebook, pen, and cup of coffee

Senior Adults

Connie & Jerry Graver

Fellowship Hall
9:30 AM

Open Bible with a pen and cup of coffee

New Believers

Pastor Blake Orr

Room 203
9:30 AM

Open Bible and a cup of coffee


Brent & Cheryl Tolson

Room 201

Open Bible with flowers

Women's Class

Deb Ward

Worship Area Room

Youth & Kids

Youth laughing and having fun

6th - 12th Grades

Joe & Aubrey Vargas

Room 110 & 112

Boys making funny faces

3rd - 5th Grades

Diana Sodowsky

Room 109

Boys making funny faces

Children's Worship

Fellowship Hall
Dismissed From Worship Service

Preschooler coloring with markers

Preschool Worship

10:45 AM

Child holding crayons

Kindergarten - 2nd Grades

Amy Biby

Room 111

Preschooler coloring with markers

3 Years - Pre-K

Cindy Martin & Torrance Owens

Room 105

Baby with block in his mouth

0-2 Year Olds

Chastity Abernathy & Jessica Ellsion

Room 107