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Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul 2


101 MORE stories of life, love, and learning.

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You asked for more Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul–so here it is, from the hearts of Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Kimberly Kirberger. You’ll find 101 more stories to help you deal with a world that seems more and more difficult every day.

Jack, Mark and Kimberly’s latest batch focuses on love, friendship and tough stuff, along with some great teen-told tales of learning lessons, making a difference and growing up. Like in the first volume of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, you’ll find no adults preaching to you about what you should or shouldn’t do. Instead, this book if full of teens who share their experiences on learning to accept life, becoming the best person you can be, being happy with who you are, and loving yourself–no matter what. These stories will show you that no matter how difficult your situation may seem, you can make it through the tough times; and that no matter how lonely you may feel, you are never alone.

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