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Faith Hope and Hilarity


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Warning!! Not for the humor impaired!

That’s right – -if you don’t like to laugh, stop now while you can! Because this collection of stories, jokes, quips, and anecdotes doesn’t leave off at mere chuckles. It’s meant to produce gale-force laughter, with gusts up to one hundred miles per hour.

Some of today’s funniest writers and speakers await you inside. Ken Davis has thoughts to share about air bags. Becky Freeman exposes the sensuous woman. Dave Meurer takes a manly look at menopause. Armed with the world’s ultimate vacuum cleaner, Chonda Pierce wages war on the dust mite.

There are also church bulletin bloopers, hilarious one-liners from the mouths of kids, lawyers, and air travelers, and plenty more offerings of assorted sizes by the likes of Patsy Clairmont, John Ortberg, Barbara Johnson, Sheila Walsh, Marilyn Meberg, Lucy Swindoll, and others.

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Ann Spangler, Shari MacDonald