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Who is Jesus Christ?


From inside the front cover:

This series is written in layman’s language. The authors were selected for their understanding of Christian doctrine and also for their ability to express eternal truth in everyday language.

You will find this series to be nontechnical, practical, and a ready reference on the major Christian doctrines.

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Who is Jesus Christ? is the second volume in a sixteen-volume series. This volume begins the individual doctrines with a study of Jesus Christ who is the foundation of all Christian doctrine.

Dr. Hendricks asks, “Do we need another book about Jesus? Yes, because He is always going before us. On the pilgrimage which lies ahead, we shall actually meet Him. His pilgrimage through the first century made this meeting possible. Our pilgrimage through the twentieth century makes the meeting meaningful”.


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Broadman Press


Layman's Library of Christian Doctrine


William L. Hendricks