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Robert’s Rules of Order Revised


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Since 1876, when this standard guide to parliamentary procedure was born, members, as well as presiding officers, of clubs, societies, and assemblies of all kinds have relied on Robert’s Rules of Order to steer them smoothly through their business meetings. The book has also been adopted by colleges and universities for a multitude of uses in speech, debate, and law courses.

This paperback edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Revised has the following points of superiority over all other paper editions:

  • Definitions have been doubled
  • Motions have been treated much more fully, about three times as much space being devoted to them
  • A Plan for the Study of Parliamentary Law with eighteen lesson outlines has been added
  • Footnotes are fewer and relate only to the practice of Congress, the matter of the others being incorporated in the text.

This second major revision of a book that is the classic of its kind is the most up-to-date paper version available.

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William Morrow and Company


General Henry M. Robert