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The Tabernacle in the Wilderness


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From the Forward by Grace L. Fuller:

IN THE EARLIEST DAYS OF MR. FULLER’S PREPARATION for the ministry, it was his burning desire and constant prayer that he might be able to reach with the Gospel the people in the neglected places, the lonely ones who had no chance to go to church – no opportunities to attend Bible conferences and no one to point them to the Lamb of GOD Who taketh away the sins of the world.

How marvelously GOD answered that prayer, above all that my husband could ask or think, for there were no radio programs in 1920! Very soon after they came on the scene, he became deeply impressed with the possibilities of using this new medium for sending far and wide the good news of salvation.

Very soon after returning to California, he took steps to buy time on one small station in Santa Ana. That was in 1925, and it marked the beginning which led eventually to the world coverage of the greatly loved Old-Fashioned Revival Hour. How gracious GOD has been to grant Dr. Fuller thirty continuous years of preaching the Gospel by radio!

We have had many requests for copies of these sermons on “The Tabernacle in the Wilderness.” Now, here they are in this book which we have tried to keep as nearly similar as possible to Mr. Fuller’s style of speaking. They are sent out with a prayer that they may be of even greater blessing than when given over the radio.

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