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The Other Woman in Your Marriage


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From the back cover:


There are two women in every man’s marriage.

One of the most powerful relationships experienced by a man is with his mother. She was the first to nurture him, love him and comfort him at his entrance into this world. And her influence continues into adulthood-—shaping his decisions, his career and his family relationships.

It should be no surprise that such a powerful bond can put pressure on a marriage. In The Other Woman in Your Marriage, Norm Wright investigates the mother-son relationship and sheds light on its value—-as well as on the problems that can occur.

The Other Woman in Your Marriage is an excellent resource for mothers, sons, daughters-in-law or counselors. This book will help couples learn practical ways to establish healthy boundaries with relatives and in-laws. It will also help mothers lay the groundwork to help their sons grow to become healthy men, husbands and fathers. Read it and make peace with “the other woman.”

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