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The King of the Jews: A Commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew


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Every student of the book of Matthew will see its dispensational character. There are certain things taught about the coming kingdom of Heaven, and the reign of Christ on earth is perhaps made clearer in this than in the other Gospels. In some sense this Gospel was directed especially to Jews. But it is important that no one be guilty of over-emphasizing the dispensational teaching in Matthew. The book of Matthew is written for us today. It is for Gentiles as well as Jews; it is for this age as well as apostolic times. The Great Commission is in force until the Savior comes again. Let us take the blessed promises of this Book as ours and the blessed commands as they were intended to be taken. May I suggest that the study of Matthew will have been helpful if it results in Christians’ winning souls in the power of the Holy Spirit, carrying out the Great Commission and getting souls won to God. If your study of this book makes you a soul winner, makes you a missionary, then your study shall not have been in vain. Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always. Amen.

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