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A Table in the Presence


The dramatic account of how a U.S. Marine Battalion experienced God’s presence amidst the chaos of the War in Iraq.

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There are some places where you just don’t expect to find God.

For the men of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, downtown Baghdad was one of those places.  Moving deeper into the heart of Iraq to seize control of the presidential palace, they found themselves face to face with the Iraq Republican Guard and Fedayeen militia–an enemy who used civilians for human shields; an enemy who attacked from mosques, schools and hospitals; an enemy who, under the command of Saddam Hussein, raped its own people and threatened its own recruits with their families’ lives if they turned from battle.

This was no place for God; this was enemy territory.  But when the smoke settled, God’s footprints were clearly visible.

Serving as a chaplain to U.S. Marines, Lieutenant Carey Cash had witnessed the miracles that began months earlier with a spiritual revival in the desert of Northern Kuwait, culminating April 10, 2003, in one of the fiercest battles of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  With vivid detail and gripping emotion, Lieutenant Cash gives a firsthand account of this amazing story–how the men of an entire battalion found God in the presence of their enemies.

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