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The Heart of Texas


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The Heart of Texas is a moving and inspiring documentary that chronicles events that took place in real life. These events were heartbreaking and threatened to destroy all those who were affected by it. However, the darkness was overcome by something much bigger and much more powerful; forgiveness. This film is a beautiful testament to the redeeming work that God does in the hearts of those plagued by darkness and by the terrible events that took place. The Heart of Texas is an emotional journey from start to finish, showing a beautiful transition from heartbreak and immense anger to forgiveness and healing. Viewers will be moved to tears and will be inspired by the story before them. Every part of this film is true, and those who were involved in the great tragedy are interviewed and clips from their actual lives are shown. The Heart of Texas is inspiring and deeply emotional, teaching viewers a very important lesson about the great power of forgiveness and the healing that comes along with this.

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60 Minutes