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A Light in the Darkness


Part of the “Bibleman” series, starring Willie Aames of Charles in Charge and Eight is Enough

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Miles Peterson had it all:  wealth, status, success.  Still, something was lacking.  Then, in his darkest hour, the words of a single book gave Miles Peterson the burning desire to know God.  Now, transformed by the Word of the Lord and empowered by His strength, Miles Peterson lives out a pledge to fight evil in the name of God, under the identity of the mighty avenger of Truth know as Bibleman.

With his scheme thwarted by the Bibleman Adventure Team, Primordious Drool retires to the sewer from which he came and is replaced by another hopeful villain, The Wacky Protestor.  With plans to drench the world in a hopeless cloud of despair and darkness, The Wacky Protestor uses his Spasmodi, Meteoronic, Wacksonic Cloud of Darkness and Despair to discourage youth group member Cory Standridge and give him deep feelings of isolation and despair.  As the Bibleteam meets at Sector 12 to give a certain someone a lesson of his own isolation and darkness, Biblegirl is separated from the team and is ultimately hit with a cloud of darkness herself!  Can Bibleman, Cypher and U.N.I.C.E save her?  This action packed adventure teaches the importance of having a light when dark times come, and also to be the light in the darkness for others so they can find their way towards Jesus (Matthew 5:16).  Will the Wacky Protestor succeed in cloaking the world in darkness?  Will Cory isolate himself from his youth group, friends, and church?  Will Biblegirl doubt her faith and God?  Will they once again be a light to those around them?  Find out in this wackiest of all Bibleman Adventures:  “A Light in the Darkness.”

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42 minutes

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