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The Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples


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From inside the front cover:

* Can we ever afford to buy a house?
* Is it wrong to borrow this much money?
* Which of us should be the record keeper?
* Are credit cards a no-no?
* Do we really need life insurance?
* Why is it we never seem to have enough?

Questions like these can keep you awake at night- or worse. Without a solid financial and spiritual foundation on which to base sound decisions, problems-and not just money problems-tend to multiply in a marriage. And they come whether you’re struggling on $20,000 a year or “coasting” on a six-figure income.

Whether you are about to marry or are still in marriage’s early years, best-selling author Larry Burkett can steer you around the pitfalls that result from mishandling your money. In this valuable guide he will help you:

* Establish a workable budget
* Discover what kind of insurance you need and how much
* Teach your children about finances
* Diagnose economic danger signs in your marriage
* Explore different types of investments and decide which are best for you and much, much more.

Solid biblical direction, practical advice, and years of “field-testing” make this a book that won’t gather dust on your shelf!

The late Larry Burkett was founder and president of Christian Financial Concepts in Gainesville, Georgia, a nonprofit organization that specializes in teaching Christians biblical principles for managing money. The host of two daily radio programs, “How to Manage Your Money” and “Money Matters,” Larry wrote numerous books on finances, including Investing for the Future, The Complete Financial Guide for Single Parents, The Coming Economic Earthquake, and Preparing for Retirement.

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