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Letters from Ruth’s Attic


31 Daily Insights for Knowing God’s Love

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Ever feel like running away?  Ever asked, “Why me?”  Have you doubted whether God is listening?  Do you sometimes get discouraged because you are just plain tired, or secretly wonder how God could possibly find pleasure in you?  If so, this collection of unique reflections from Ruth Bell Graham’s pen will lift your spirits, stir your smile, and encourage you in your walk with God.

Ruth Bell Graham (1920-2007), wife of Billy Graham, often called herself a pack rat, alluding to the attic she loaded with the stuff of memories as well as with simple treasures others had overlooked.  In a similar way, she packed her writing with illustrations stored in memory and stories collected from forgotten writers and ancient sources, then added her fresh thoughts.  One longtime friend said Ruth’s writing revealed an alchemist’s gift for transforming ordinary experiences and everyday observations into insights of wisdom.

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