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The American Covenant: The Untold Story


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As our national fabric unravels before a watching world, the unanswered question of the twenty-first century cries for a response: What happened to the America that once led the world by example?  To put it bluntly, we have forgotten the covenant that our Founders made with our Creator. Its very meaning has been canceled by a secular elite at war with the truth. The American Covenant: The Untold Story documents in exciting and vivid detail the Biblically-based principles and personalities that formed the foundation for America’s economic, governmental, legal, educational, and spiritual institutions. The brilliant strategy of our Founders is contained in this volume and is providing hope for families and nations worldwide. As seen on Kirk Cameron’s American Campfire Revival. Foreword by Kirk Cameron.

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Publication Date

1981, 1983


Mayflower Institute


Marshall Foster, Mary-Elaine Swanson