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Searching for Heaven on Earth


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When was the last time you heard someone called “wise”? Wisdom seems to be a lost trait in modern Western cultures. We have intelligent, smart, creative, and entrepreneurial people…but not many wise. “The wise” were a recognized class in the ancient world, and Solomon was at the head of that class. Wisdom was a matter of observation and implementation, not highbrow postulating from the security of a book-lined study and a wing-backed chair. Solomon wrote a wise book containing his observations about life. Unfortunately, he spent decades seeking to disprove something he knew to be true: God is the center of life, and to live apart from Him is vain and meaningless. In Ecclesiastes he wrote of his own futile search for meaning apart from God. Fortunately, his years of foolishness can be a guide for today’s readers: Don’t try to find meaning in life apart from God. In Searching for Heaven on Earth, Dr. David Jeremiah goes verse by verse through Ecclesiastes. He explains Solomon’s observations and implementations and shows how they failed—until Solomon’s last observation gets it right. Let Solomon be your guide as you learn what doesn’t bring meaning in life—and what does.


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2004, 2012, 2018


Turning Point


David Jeremiah