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Jim Reno western saga, book 1.

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“Nobody tangles with Skull–nobody!”

The Carrs of Skull Ranch control the Valley and dominate the farmers and ranchers there. So long as the Carrs hold sway, no farmer can hope for more than a meager living from the land. And the Carrs are known to back up their authority with guns and arson.

Enter Jim Reno, drifter, weary from the Civil War’s violence. Reno wants no part in the farmers’ lost cause. Yet a dying farmer draws a promise from Reno that he will try to unite the people of the Valley against Skull. And though Reno’s mind is set against more bloodshed, he is still a keen gunslinger–and the people desperately need a leader and a fighter.

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Tyndale House


Jim Reno Western Saga


Gilbert Morris