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Nobody’s Safe


Join in a Treasure Hunt with a Witty Antique Shop Owner Who Depends on Faith and Friends to Uncover Secrets from the Past.

 Everyone in Silver Peak, Colorado, knows Sadie Speers as the town’s unofficial historian. The Antique Mine, her well-stocked antique shop, is a favorite of both locals and visitors alike in this historic mining town. Silver Peak’s past is full of mysteries, and no one is better at solving them than Sadie .Leave your cares behind and head to the high country of Silver Peak, Colorado, for some super-sleuthing fun that will bring the history of the town to life. Follow the adventures of antique shop owner Sadie Speers as she digs into history to solve mysteries left behind in the items she sells. Dig deep into the pages of Mysteries of Silver Peak and lose yourself in the captivating suspense of a faith-filled novel set in a historic and beautiful mining town. Take a stroll down Main Street, flanked by stately 19th-century brick buildings and set against majestic snow-capped mountains. Wander into the Antique Mine and feel yourself drawn back in time…

Mysteries of Silver Peak, book 2

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During a restoration of Silver Peak’s historic opera house, where luminaries such as Buffalo Bill and Sarah Bernhardt graced the stage in its heyday, workers discover an old, ornate pedestal safe that’s been sealed in the walls. How long has it been there? And why would someone hide it in the opera house? Sadie can’t wait to examine the rare antique to discover what treasures might be inside. If the safe is as valuable as she believes it to be, it could be sold to subsidize the opera house’s restoration. But when threatening notes arrive, Sadie must race the clock to unlock its secrets before it’s too late.

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Mysteries of Silver Peak


Carole Jefferson