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Karyn’s Memory Box and Nora’s Ribbon of Memories


Keepsake Legacies series, books 2 & 3.

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Karyn’s Memory Box:

A battered box containing an odd assortment of mementoes encourages antiques dealer Reagan Bishop to step back in time. Her quest to learn Karyn Ritter’s story results in modern day friendship and unexpected romance.

Desperate to escape a forced marriage, Karyn Ensinger flees Brandenberg, Germany, and travels to America in response to a plea for “German wives” for a group of lonely men in a place called Nebraska. At least, Karyn thinks, her husband will be someone she has chosen for herself. Married to a stranger, Karyn is horrified when she realizes Mikal Ritter expects her to live in what he calls a “sod house.” Mud and heat, hail storms and rattlesnakes, prairie fires and desperate loneliness tempt Karyn to despair. She has just begun to believe her marriage of convenience has the potential to turn to love when the life she has worked so hard to build is threatened with destruction.


Nora’s Ribbon of Memories:

Antiques dealer Reagan Bishop delves into the past again, this time seeking the truth about Nora O’Dell, the milliner/dressmaker whose cherished charm string of antique buttons she finds in an elderly friend’s attic.

When Elnora Calhoun runs away from her father’s farm, she changes her name. Her talent with a needle and thread opens unexpected doors in the growing city of Lincoln, Nebraska, and eventually enables Nora to start her own business. Successful as she is, a lonely Nora O’Dell cannot seem to forget the handsome leading man she met when repairing his traveling theatrical troupe’s costumes. Loving Greyson Chandler will mean giving up the life she’s worked so hard to build, but Chandler’s persistence challenges Nora to take a chance on love. Will she?

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Thomas Nelson


Keepsake Legacies


Stephanie Grace Whitson


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