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Jesus Friend to Terrorists


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Every day we see things in the news that surprise some of us.  On some days we see the complete sinfulness of man and how wicked the human heart really is.  Other days we see the love of mankind and how connected we all are in our humanity.

When you consider Jesus and how it is only Him who has shown us the way of salvation and only Him who can change a person’s heart, you get books like the one I want you to know about today.

The book is called Jesus Friend to Terrorists and it’s by Radu Valentin who was really Richard Wurmbrand.  Wurmbrand used the other name as a pen name.  In Jesus Friend to Terrorists, Wurmbrand writes a heartfelt entreaty to those influenced by Marxist thought. He addresses their concerns and calls them to a love relationship with Jesus Christ, lessons any believer can apply to evangelism anywhere.

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