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How to Teach the Bible


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The author was conducting a workshop for teachers in a church and was handed a note by a young woman in the workshop. The note read, I have never taught anything or anyone . . . I don’t know how to begin to prepare. Can you help? Dr. Coleman meets scores of teachers just like the young woman. He indicates there are men and women who are doing their best, but who have serious doubts about their adequacy as teachers of the Bible. Wherever you meet them, they ask these same questions: How can I learn enough about the Bible to have something worth sharing with my class? How can I get the members of my class involved in the lessons, so I won’t have to do all the talking? How do you get people interested, when they seem so indifferent to Bible study? Is there any way to get the class members to study their lessons? How do you lead class members to do something about the message of the Bible, other than just sit there and discuss it? Where can I find out more about teaching methods? How do you prepare a teaching plan? These workers care deeply about Bible teaching. They want to do a good job. But they don’t quite know how to go about it. And that explains the reason for this book. Dr. Coleman integrates theory and practice in a how-to-do-it book which combines discussions of teaching with skill-building exercises. He brings the elements of a Bible teacher’s conference to the individual who has had no opportunity to attend such a conference. At the same time, the book may also be used as a textbook for teacher-training workshops.

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Lucien E. Coleman, Jr.