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Good News is for Sharing


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Good news begs to be shared. Christians have the responsibility and the privilege of passing on the good news that through faith in Jesus Christ, eternal and abundant life is offered to all people. And yet why are we so often reluctant to share? Why, even when we sometimes feel a strong sense of “oughtness” about being a witness to Jesus Christ, do we fail to do it?

Leighton Ford identifies and offers biblical solutions to overcome our hesitancy: + Fear of how people will react + Not knowing how to communicate or what to say + The belief that evangelism or being a witness is “just not my gift” + A distorted view of what evangelism involves. Leighton Ford believes in evangelism. It is his mission in life to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also knows that the style of our evangelism as well as the message must be good news. This book offers the how’s, when’s, and where’s of responsible and natural faith-sharing. It’s a guide to evangelism that works. Good News Is for Sharing informs, equips, motivates, and encourages a natural, human, and personal way to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to help make friends for God.

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