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Far From the Dream


The Gentle Hills series, book 1.

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A heartwarming new fiction series of an era that redefined America!

For Jerry Macmillan, the Japanese air strike of Pearl Harbor had nearly cost his best friend his life, and Jerry was compelled to join the throngs of American men who immediately volunteered to go to war.

But like thousands of other couples, he and Marjie Livingstone were suddenly faced with a difficult decision: to marry or wait until the war’s end.

Those few precious days are unforgettably memorable–romantic and filled with all the initial joys of marriage. But then must come their painful goodbye. The knowledge that it would involve a separation that might last a year, or years–or perhaps forever–was beyond thought or feeling in words that could be expressed.

The call of war plunged them into the most difficult challenge of their lives. Touching upon their deepest needs, would their love be enough to sustain the dream of home and family, and of one day spending their lives together?

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Bethany House Publishers


The Gentle Hills


Lance Wubbels