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Crisis in the Streets


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From the preface:

The story of homelessness is literally one of a vast number of people who do not have a home. There are two ways to present this story. The first is that homelessness has been presented to the American public by those who have simply been told what homelessness is all about. Their story comes from facts and figures, with some human analysis of the effect of homelessness on the economy and environment. In essence, their story has done little to convince the nation that there is a homeless population here.

The second is through those who work directly with the homeless. Since I have been involved with the homeless face to face for over twenty years, I believe I know and understand the human element behind homelessness. I will attempt to depict the despair, contempt, agony, and apathy – as well as the optimistic attitude – that dwells in the hearts of those involved with the homeless problem of our cities.


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Carl R. Resener