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Authority: The Critical Issue for Southern Baptists


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At one time, the Bible was accepted as the standard by which all things were judged. No one questioned its reliability, inerrancy, and ultimate authority—until recently. Today, the subject of biblical authority is without doubt the most critical and sensitive issue facing evangelical churches. In a loving, peace-minded approach, Dr. James Draper, Jr. addresses this issue as it relates to the Southern Baptist Convention. He examines the rise of modern critical thought to show you how theological thinking has shifted from a biblical base to a rationalistic base. He clearly points out that once this tragic step is taken, the mind of man supersedes the Word of God. Dr. Draper then traces the historic position of the Church as a whole—and Baptists in particular—regarding the Bible, and carefully extracts from the Bible its claims for itself. From this background, he sensitively examines the current controversy and warns that rejecting the authority of Scripture strikes at the heart of bold mission thrust and leads to doctrinal and theological confusion. Dr. Draper offers helpful suggestions and a basic set of doctrinal parameters to keep Southern Baptists on target in personal faith and worldwide evangelism. By giving sensible and thoughtful consideration to the harmful effects of rationalistic theology, this book sheds much-needed light in finding a workable answer to the issue, and serves to strengthen your faith in
God’s Word.

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Dr. James T. Draper, Jr.