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Anatomy of Contemporary Furniture


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From inside the front cover:

Anatomy of Contemporary Furniture is designed to span the interests of contemporary design enthusiasts, who desire to know more about the origin and development of current contemporary styles, as well as for the practical homemakers who are able to apply their hands to actual construction of contemporary projects.

While the primary purpose of this book is to disseminated better understanding of the vast ramifications of functional furniture ideas that contemporary design makes available for the enhancement of modern homes it goes on to illustrate with original artwork, line drawings and hundreds of photographs, how the homemaker may actually apply these new sources of contemporary expression. For as well as exposing the origins and significant characteristics of the contemporary style, Anatomy of Contemporary Furniture also addresses the subject in a practical manner. Starting with the second chapter, it presents a variety of elementary furniture projects, together with how-to construction drawings which can be easily followed even by individuals of limited craft skill.

Easy ways are shown to assemble complete projects from the standard parts and fittings that can be bought at hardware and department stores, and there are many plans for woodworking craftsmen, including the author’s original designs of contemporary rooms and a chapter on ‘contemporary classics’ complete with measured drawings showing how these superb functional pieces are actually made by leading manufacturers of contemporary furniture.

Page after page of easy step-by-step photo sequences give graphic and detailed information on exactly how contemporary objects are built, assembled, installed, arranged, and finished. Simplified methods of do-it-yourself upholstering are shown, and a completely illustrated chapter on furniture finishing demonstrates the proper application of rich Danish oils and other modern techniques.

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Publication Date

1965, 1973


Van Nostrand Reinhold Company


John G. Shea