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A Time to be Born


The American Odyssey series, book 1.

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A Time to be Born, the first book in the American Odyssey series chronicles the story of the Stuart family, particularly, Lylah and her brothers Amos and Owen.  The Stuarts are a family that live in Arkansas, and their story begins in 1897. Lylah, is the first to leave home, to find and follow what she believes to be her dream, and Amos and Owen soon follow. They are the three oldest of eight children, a mother whose trust in the Lord has sustained her family, as well as a husband who has had his struggles.

In this first book, Lylah, runs off from the Bible school at Fort Smith, to chase the dream of becoming an actress. Amos, also yearning to spread his wings in the world, goes off in search of her, and little brother Owen eventually follows.  Each finds their path in a different field, but it is evident that the hand of God is upon them.

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Fleming H. Revell


The American Odyssey


Gilbert Morris