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1988 Family Circle Cookbook


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This is the busy 80’s. Everywhere you look you see it in our eating habits: “grazing”, or eating several small meals rather than three square; fast food chains offering expanded menus; the increased use of microwave ovens. and today, health is on everyone’s mind. Americans are eating leaner, buying more fish, more poultry, more vegetables. This cookbook is tailored to your busy lifestyle. We’ve highlighted all the low-calorie, low-sodium and quick-to-prepare recipes with symbols and provided nutrient analysis as well. You’ll find some very special features here. Our Smart Eating chapter explains how to tailor your food and recipes to make them healthier. Of course, this cookbook isn’t just a special features book. The first chapter features home-baked breads and muffins-and is there anything more satisfying to bake? In Tasty Accomplishments, you’ll find a slew of appetizers, side dishes, soups and salads that add interest to a meal. Then flip to The Main Course chapter to whip up something sensational for dinner. On warm, sunny days you’ll find barbecue recipes, main dish salads, and even cooling drinks in the Warm Weather Dining chapter. And what would life be without our just rewards – scrumptious pies, cakes, cookies, and even delicious frozen treats from Our Favorite Desserts chapter. So that’s our 1988 Family Circle Cookbook – a guide to recipes for the Busy 80’s.

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