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YOUnique is a book that partners with on-line video links to provide a fun, interactive, inspiring experience designed to capture the attention and heart of middle school & high school students. It helps them explore the answer to questions like: What makes me special? Why am I on this planet? What gifts are hidden inside me? How am I different from others around me? How do I live my life so that it is meaningful?

This 8 week study is FUN! It is used interactively with a web-site ( providing video teaching and on-line tools for self-discovery. It will bring this next generation to a new awareness about themselves and the life God offers them from a Christian worldview. It intentionally leads students on a journey to…

1. Discover their personality type (based on a Myers Briggs test for teens)

2. Find out what their Love Language is (based on Gary Chapman’s test for teens)

3. Learn what their top spiritual gifts are (based on Jeff Carver’s assessment for teens)

4. Come to accept the way God created them – body and soul

5. Hear about the best gift God offers – transformation from the inside out

6. Grasp simple ways to invite God’s power in their lives daily.

7. Identify God’s voice and learn to discern it for themselves

8. Dream about their future, create a bucket list, identify desirable character traits, and set practical goals for their future.

Young adults will walk away from this experience with a book that contains the details of their YOUnique, God-given traits, and a plan of action to see those dreams come true.

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