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Who Put My Life On Fast-Forward?


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For readers who wish their busy lives had a pause button, Phil Callaway offers real help along with healthy doses of his trademark humor. Drawing from lessons learned during his own struggles with burnout, the bestselling author focuses on five keys to bringing back missing peace.

In Who Put My Life on Fast-Forward, millionaires, CEOs, and “regular folk so tired they can hardly lace up their Velcro tennis shoes” demonstrate how, with God’s help, it’s possible to start living deliberately in a high-speed culture. With wit and candor, Callaway offers creative ways to:

  • live on less and love it
  • find your perfect pace
  • embrace a life of integrity
  • climb off the stress merry-go-round
  • rediscover the joy of friendships

Men and women stuck in a loop of busyness and fatigue will find faith-based tools and inspiration for change in this funny, wise book.

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