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Who do I Talk To?


Yada Yada House of Hope series, book 2.

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In the last place she ever imagined she’d be, Gabby will discover what she’s made of–and for.

Gabrielle Fairbanks knew her husband was upset with her. But she never expected him to change the locks on their Chicago penthouse, cancel her credit cards, and disappear with their two boys. Now she’s literally on the streets with her elderly mother, her mom’s dog…and $220 to her name.

Thank goodness she has somewhere to go–Manna House, the women’s shelter where she works. But even in the bustling shelter–surrounded by residents and the Yada Yada Prayer Group–Gabby feels more alone than ever. She longs for someone she can really talk to, someone to help mend together the pieces of her broken life. Her warm-hearted lawyer seems ready to offer more than legal counsel…but is he the answer to prayer or just a pleasant distraction?

As her fragile plans fall apart, Gabby hits on a possibility so wild and wonderful it has to be one of those “God things.” Something she’s only seen happen to other Christians. Until now.

For everyone who loves the best-selling Yada Yada Prayer Group novels…The Yada Yada House of Hope series features familiar faces and places, with a fresh new life all its own.

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Yada Yada House of Hope


Neta Jackson