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Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis


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This 12 DVD Series, about Genesis, Cosmos, Earth, Man, Life, The Flood, Dinosaurs, Ice Age, Origin of Universe, The Age of the Earth, Science and Scripture and more presents scientific evidence that confirms the Biblical account of creation and dispels the inaccurate theories of the secular world.  In the first chapter of Genesis, God laid out the steps that He wisely took in the creation of the world. Our world did not happen by chance. It was designed by God. Archaeological discoveries and historical writings are presented to verify many of the people and places in the Bible including the Tower of Babel, Nimrod, and the cities of Ur, Babylon and Nineveh. These 12, 22 minute videos are a fantastic resource to use in small groups, Bible studies, Sunday School, or as a church-wide series. Strong in science, strong in faith, this ground breaking series presents the science of creation like you have never seen it.


The two worldviews, evolution and creation, stand in complete antithesis to each other in content and in their results. One view offers a life with meaning, salvation in Jesus Christ, and hope based on the Bible that is confirmed by scientific evidence. The other relies on he wisdom of man and emphasizes that life has no purpose. Which future do you want for yourself and loved ones? Which will you believe? –Dr. Francis Schaeffer, 20th Century Philosopher

The question here is not whether or not the Laws of Physics and Chemistry permit life to exist. Obviously they do or none of us would be here. The real issue is do the Laws of Physics and Chemistry in our universe permit spontaneous generation? All of our scientific observations are indicating that the answer is no. –Jake Hebert, PHD Physics

Secularists tend to hold to a uniformitarianism philosophy, the idea that rates and conditions are basically constant. Inflation really is a violation of that principle because it says that the universe suddenly expanded and accelerated and then dropped down to its regular rate. Secularists have had to violate their own principle in order to save their own principle. –Jason Lisle PHD. Astrophysics

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