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Two novels in one book: “To Love and to Honor” and “A Whisper in the Wind”


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To Love and to Honor:

Against the colorful backdrop of West Point in 1842, the saga of a giant of a man and his innocent ward begins to unfold. Caught up in his own private battle against bigotry and injustice, West Point Chaplain Jess Dalton is suddenly confronted by a different kind of conflict… His guardianship of the young Irish immigrant, Kerry O’Neill, thrusts him into a struggle of forbidden love that threatens to tear him apart from within. Bewildered by the longings of his heart, the betrayal of friends and his desire to follow God’s plan, Jess Dalton must find the balance between love…and honor.

A Whisper in the Wind:

When the controversial northern clergyman, Jess Dalton, accepts a pastorate in Washington, D.C., he and his young bride Kerry are plunged into a maelstrom of deceit and intrigue. Jess contends openly for the rights of the enslaved and oppressed, unaware that his enemies are plotting to destroy him.
His beloved Kerry, rejected and scorned by Washington society because of her Irish roots, takes up her husband’s banner and begins her own struggle to educate the slave children of Washington. Too late she realizes that her stand for God’s truth may well cost her her life…

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Publication Date

1986, 1987


Abbey Press


B. J. Hoff