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Two novels in one book: An Unwilling Guest and The Man of the Desert


Two novels in one book by Grace Livingston Hill: An Unwilling Guest and The Man of the Desert

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An Unwilling Guest:

Young Evelyn Rutherford, a New York society beauty, is sent to spend the summer with her aunt. When her aunt falls ill, Evelyn resigns herself to spending a boring summer with a neighboring family.

But the Greys are a family of faith, goodness, and quiet happiness–things Evelyn has never known. Suddenly the social life she longed for no longer holds interest. Instead, a new and powerful dream begins to stir within her–a dream that thrills the Greys’ handsome son, Maurice.

But will Evelyn discover an all-important truth about herself–and about God–before Maurice is gone from her life forever?


The Man of the Desert:

Fleeing the unwanted attentions of an aggressive suitor, wealthy and beautiful Hazel Radcliffe becomes hopelessly lost in the Arizona desert. Weak and weary, she falls unconscious from her horse. Soon Hazel is found by John Brownleigh, a handsome missionary who lives in the desert. As he carefully nurses Hazel back to health, a strong and true love begins to grow between them. But John, poor and humble, knows he is not of Hazel’s world, so he does not speak of his love. And because Hazel feels strongly unworthy of John and his work, she, too, remains silent. And so they part, without acknowledging the love between them.

Back home among her family and friends, Hazel makes a startling decision: she will do all she can to change and become deserving of John’s love. But can she do so before it’s too late?

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Grace Livingston Hill