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Three novels by Grace Livingston Hill: The City of Fire, Time of the Singing of Birds, and The Gold Shoe


Three novels by Grace Livingston Hill in one book: The City of Fire, Time of the Singing of Birds, and The Gold Shoe

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The City of Fire:

“A Girl Doesn’t Have to be Old Fashioned to be Good!” Lynn Severn, beautiful daughter of a small town minister, is deeply troubled by the barrier which has come between her and her former playmate, Mark Carter. A more lovable heroine than this simple and natural girl would be difficult to find.


Time of the Singing of Birds:

Pretty, petite Margaret Roselle is overjoyed when Barney Vance returns safely from war. Then Barney tells her that their friend “Stormy” Applegate is missing behind enemy lines–and that he has decided to return to enemy territory to find him! Faced with the reality of the danger in Barney’s chosen mission, Margaret finds strength and peace in her undying faith.

No matter what happens, she is sure God will take care of both her and the man she loves. . .


The Gold Shoe:

Wealthy, spoiled Tasha Endicott likes to have fun, and nothing is going to make her miss the party at her friend’s magnificent country estate. But the blizzard that rages outside is more than she had bargained for. When she is abandoned at a deserted train station, Tasha’s search for a good time becomes a desperate search for survival. Then, just as she begins to lose consciousness, Tasha hears the voice of a stranger—a voice that beckons her to a life she never even dreamed existed.

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