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Three novels by Grace Livingston Hill: A Girl to Come Home To, The Best Man, and Ladybird


Three novels in one volume by Grace Livingston Hill: A Girl to Come Home To, The Best Man, and Ladybird

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A Girl to Come Home To:

In A Girl to Come Home To, Rodney Graeme is a hero returning home. Everyone comes to greet him…including Jessica, the woman who left him for a richer man. Jessica’s husband wants to use his wife–and Rodney’s feelings for her–to his own advantage. Suddenly Rodney finds himself entangled in an espionage plot–until he meets a young girl whose faith shows him how to overcome any obstacle.


The Best Man:

Pursued by men desperate for secret information that could threaten national security, Cyril Gordon seeks refuge in a church, stumbles into a wedding, and is mistaken for the best man.



Fraley’s dear mother has just died and left Fraley utterly alone in a hostile world. She sets off on a dangerous adventure, unsure of what lies ahead. Her only comforts are the faith her mother shared with her and the family Bible. Along the way, Fraley meets a young man who is on an adventure of his own: He has come west to lead a small church. But George Seagrave is not prepared for his task. He does not know Fraley’s God. Fraley points the way for him, and he helps her flee to safety in New York. But still the path is full of dangers and difficulty. Both young people need to learn whether their faith can sustain them. In the process, they find something that will change their lives forever.

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