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Things That are Different are not the Same


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We all have a favorite Bible translation, maybe even a few for different purposes. But did you know that for almost three hundred years the Protestant church had only one choice (or two, if you count the Geneva Bible, which differs only slightly): the King James Bible? Preserving the English language – indeed adding to it particular phrases and words first found in the KJV – this translation informed many generation in the crucial years after the Reformation. But for the last hundred years, we’ve had many translations and versions using the many texts now available, so does that mean that the KJV is now outdated?
The King James Bible still has its distinctives to its credit. It is the Bible at the heart of every revival in the English-speaking world. Its text is in the public domain (outside the UK), so distribution of it does not defy copyright laws. And, as Dr. Carter proclaims, it accurately preserves the Scriptural texts as passed on by the church, known as the Textus Receptus. This key element is pivotal to the development of the English Bible, and, since newly discovered texts are suspect, the King James Bible remains the only version still in print without the newer texts’ influences.
Through short chapters with beginning-of-chapter vocabulary lists end-of-chapter questions, and interstitial review sections, Carter carefully takes the reader through the history of God’s Word, methodologies of translation, and reasons for considering the KJV to be the preserved Word of God. Packed with fascinating facts, solid research, and even a handful of vocabulary puzzles for fun, Dr. Carter makes a good case for the unique authenticity of the King James Bible.

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Dr. Mickey P. Carter