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There’s an Angel on your Shoulder (Angels, Miracles, and Answered Prayers)


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From biblical times to the present, mankind has been fascinated by angels. In music, art, theater, and film, angels have enriched our lives and lifted our spirits with messages of faith, hope, and love. Science has never been able to prove their existence. It is only through personal accounts of real-life angel encounters that we may learn the true meaning of this timeless phenomenon…

Author Kelsey Tyler experienced her first angel encounter several years ago. A camp counselor told her a strange true story that intrigued her so much, she began to wonder: Did God really use angels to minister to those who believed in Him? Soon, she began to hear more accounts of modern-day miracles…Tales of heavenly messengers offering words of comfort and hope…Harrowing accounts of impossible rescues by mysterious saviors…Heartwarming visitations by people who did not, and could not exist…These stories of ordinary people touched by extraordinary events will enlighten, entertain, provoke, and inspire you. But most of all, they will make you believe…

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Kelsey Tyler