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The Witness


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Which would he lose: his heart or his soul?

What began as a harmless prank played on an innocent college freshman by his classmates ended tragically. Paul Courtland witnessed the death of Stephen Marshall, a faithful Christian, in a fiery theatre while both rescued many from the inferno. Courtland’s life was changed forever.

As a handsome, bright , athletic senior, Court was assured of a future filled with success. And now he had even more to look forward to–he was in love with beautiful and charming Gila Dare and planned to marry her. But there was also a Presence in his life–one that was leading Paul Courtland in new directions. He soon realized that he needed to share that Presence, Jesus Christ, with Gila, but she forbade him to mention it! Finally, Court had to choose between his love for Gila and his obedience to Christ. He adored Gila and anticipated sharing his life with her. How could he live with his decision and ever be happy again?

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Fleming H. Revell


Grace Livingston Hill