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The William Tyndale Story


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Animated DVD.

In this episode The Torchlighters follows William’s adventures as he works in secret, moving from town to town as a fugitive to avoid capture. Friends and allies help him along, but enemies may be lurking around any corner. Come along and see whether this torchlighter completes his task before the king’s men close in on him. Approx. 30 minutes + extras.

Special Features:

  • English and Spanish Languages
  • English Subtitles
  • Stimulating interview with Dr. David Daniell and tyndale scholar
  • Fascinating interview with actor Russell Boulter (voice of Tyndale)
  • Comprehensive leader’s guide with background information, timeline of the period, additional resources, and more
  • Reproducible student handouts, including comprehension and discussion questions, puzzles, activities, coloring, and more

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Christian History Institute

Running Time

30 minutes