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The Daily Chase


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The Daily Chase, a devotional collection of some of the best of his writings, is a road map for true God Chasers.

In his book, The God Chasers, Tommy writes of the passionate pursuit of the presence of God. In Extreme God Chasers he takes that same message and targets youth.

In his follow-up book, God’s Favorite House, he unveils the necessity of passionate corporate pursuit of the presence of God.

Secret Sources of Power, written by Tommy and his father, teaches that the outlet of power is different than the source of power. Individuals who have had a personal encounter with the manifest presence of God are often sought after as a source of power, but they know that they are only an outlet that has tapped into the Source.

This Daily Chase devotional pulls nuggets from all of these books and the monthly newsletter. This devotional can be the fueling point for your daily passion for Christ.

This book is for those who are “in hot pursuit” of the Lord.

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