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The Confession


The Heritage of Lancaster County series, book 2.

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Katie Lapp’s identity has been shattered ever since she was painfully torn from her close-knit community in the frightening ordeal called the shunning. Katie, now Katherine Mayfield, sets out to find the ailing birth mother she has never known.

Her journey takes her to places where electric lights and telephones set Katherine’s mind whirling with “fancy” things and where she stumbles into a world of betrayal, where the plain garb of the Amish is misused to disguise an evil conspiracy. Alone in a world of strangers, she longs only for the gentle embrace of the woman she hopes to call Mother.

The Confession is the second book in a trilogy that recreates the simple life of the Amish. Its themes of hope and reconciliation show us that even when we think we are far away, God’s love is always present.

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Heritage of Lancaster County


Beverly Lewis