The Chalice of Israel


Four romantic novellas–by Marilou Flinkman, Jane LaMunyon, Susannah Hayden, and Darlene Mindrup–follow an engraved silver chalice from its initial appearance in first century Jerusalem to its reappearance after World War II.

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God uses a chalice to draw His children home.

For nearly two thousand years a special ceremonial cup has changed the lives of Jews and Gentiles alike. Its beauty and aura of mystery compel those who hold it to seek out the meaning of its Hebrew inscription, “I will pour out my blood for you.” For four young women of four separate eras, the cup holds a promise of courage, hope, honor, or praise.

In A.D. 49, Tirzah is desperate to save her younger sister from pagan influence. But can Tirzah find the courage to show a charming Roman soldier what the ultimate sacrifice means to her?

In twelfth-century Jerusalem, Christina is caring for several orphaned children, and her best friend, one of the few remaining young men in the city, already has too many burdens to bear. Can Christina find hope in a country overrun by Turks bent on purging the land of Jews and Christians?

In 1948, following her escape from war-ravished Europe, will Leah ever have the honor of living in an Israeli nation? She is stranded in a refugee camp …but willing to follow a handsome freedom fighter wherever he leads.

It is the year 2000 in modern Jerusalem, but Sarah’s old friend is being ostracized from his family for his new-found beliefs – while her own relatives believe they need to hire a matchmaker for her. Will Sarah be able to praise Jesus Christ as her Savior without losing her Jewish heritage?

Each woman’s story of romance and spiritual growth unfolds like a blossoming flower as God reveals Himself in unique ways, granting them a love larger than themselves and unbounded by time.

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Darlene Mindrup, Jane LaMunyo, Marilou H. Flinkman, Susannah Hayden