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Texas Angel


Texas Angel series, book 1.

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On the Open Frontier of the Rio Grande, One Woman’s Fledgling Faith Might Provide the Light of Hope to a Man of the Cloth

Elise Toussaint Hearne thought her devastating secret was safe–after all, her dark hair and complexion could mean she had French ancestry. But that did little to save her when it was discovered that her deceased mother was one quarter African and a runaway slave. All of her descendants are now the property of Maurice Thomson, a cruel and depraved man eager to recover his lost goods. Disowned and shamed by the Hearne family, Elise and her baby find themselves on their way to the wild frontier of Texas–as slaves.

When Elise inadvertently meets Benjamin Sinclair, a fiery evangelist determined to convert the lawless Texans, their lives become intertwined in the midst of tragedy–shattering their fragile existence and forcing them to discover the faith that sustains.

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Bethany House Publishers


Texas Angel


Judith Pella