Stallions at Burnt Rock


West Texas Sunrise series, book 1

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Determined to prove she can raise the best ranch horses in the West, strong-minded Lee Morgan agrees to pit her prize coal-black stallion, Slick, against a neighboring rancher’s flashy bay steed in a race of endurance. As news of the match spreads, gamblers and gunslingers pour into the formerly sleepy 1870s town of Burnt Rock, Texas. They place their bets and create a surge of lawlessness that threatens to turn the town upside down.

Although Marshall Ben Flood relies on his quick draw to keep the peace, he is in constant danger, and Lee wonders if she’s made a terrible mistake in entering the race. When a tragic death triggers suspicion of something sinister afoot, Lee takes matters into her own hands. And in the most thrilling ride of her life, she must summon every ounce of courage and faith she possesses to face down the evil that threatens her life, her ranch, and the man she loves.

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Fleming H. Revell


West Texas Sunrise


Paul Bagdon