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Sarah’s Son


The Sarah book series by Jerry S. Eicher includes books Sarah and Sarah’s Son.

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“Ess macht vay”, James, having only been home from school for an hour, held up his hand for his mother to see the cut higher on his arm, dirt falling down from his fingers, clinging to his elbow. So opens Sarah’s Son, a story of an illness, a road trip, a mother s love for her oldest child, of Esther’s meddling, but above all, about the grace of a loving Father in heaven. Set in Daviess County, Indiana’s Amish country, this continuation of Sarah finds Sarah now married and settled on the Yoder farm outside Whitfield. Sarah’s sister has plans for a trip out West, agreeing with Sarah that the cut on James’ arm that seems slow in healing is nothing serious. That night in the middle of a raging rain storm, Esther has a premonition of things to come, but does even she know what really is coming? Be with Sarah when she receives heart-breaking news in Colorado, and then the added burden of her niece’s death in the Amish school shootings in Nickels Mine, Pennsylvania.

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