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My Soul to Keep


Falling Stars…Do They Ever Rise Again?

Brent Stark thinks his days as a leading man are over until God – in the form of a visionary tycoon – offers him the role of a lifetime.

Celia Breach vows never to forgive Brent for the hurts he inflicted. Can she manage the unthinkable and trust him again?

Bobby Dupree, a southern entrepreneur with a revolutionary idea for filmmaking sets out to make a new kind of movie. He has all the faith he needs, but none of the know-how.

Shari Khan is determined to succeed in Hollywood at any cost. Backed by an influential studio, she makes it her personal mission to destroy the upstart “shoestring” production.

So begins the battle: an unlikely group of has-beens, armed with only faith and vision, against all the money and power Hollywood can wield against them.

It’s “David against Goliath,” and Brent is fresh out of stones….

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An entrepreneur with nothing more than a dream teams up with an actor just out of prison and a has-been scriptwriter. Is their effort truly inspired or doomed from the start? A true star, Brent had arrived, but a downward spiral ended in a terrible accident and six long years behind bars. Then God finds Brent in prison, and on release he sets himself up with a small business and volunteers with a local theatre group. Celia had thought the inner and outer scars left by the accident were far beyond forgiveness. How could she ever find it in her to absolve Brent simply because he asks? A Christian businessman is challenged with a new venture, but how can he make a film when he doesn’t even know where to begin? Thus begins an odyssey bringing some very unlikely people together to do something bigger than any of them could have imagined on their own.

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Bethany House Publishers


Davis Bunn


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