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Many Infallible Proofs


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While skeptics and atheists abound, overwhelming evidence that Christianity is uniquely and completely true exists. In Many Infallible Proofs, Henry Morris boldly conquers objections to the Christian faith and the Bible equipping you to effectively defend your faith and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Are you able to stand firm against the questions haters and debaters blast against believers? Discover answers to their interrogations within this faith-affirming, Bible study resource. Morris, a legendary author of Christian apologetics, says there are no legitimate objections to true Christian theology. He successfully demonstrates Christianity is the one and only religion, which offers even the possibility of objective certainty. Christianity is founded on actual historical events rather than ethical teachings. Christianity is not merely another religion.

This generation of unbelievers has been educated to dismiss the Bible, the Creator, and the need for a Savior. The majority of people need a reason to believe God is real. Are you ready to give an objective, historical and scientific reason for the hope you profess? In Many Infallible Proofs, Morris offers a practical and systematic survey of the Bible to help you refute supposed Bible contradictions. He addresses irrefutable reasons for defending your faith including:

  • The uniqueness of Christianity
  • The birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ
  • The character of God and His plan
  • The inspiration of the Bible
  • The fulfillment of prophecies
  • The structure of Scripture
  • The scientific fallacies of evolution
  • The Bible’s accuracy when compared to ancient history

Bible critics as well as Christians have questions. Many Infallible Proofs offers an indisputable case for God, His Son Jesus, and His Word. Prepare now to provide life and eternity-changing answers to those who ask and those who scoff. Use Many Infallible Proofs for an individual or group Bible study. It is an excellent evangelism resource for the evangelical church.

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Publication Date

1974, 1988


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Henry M. Morris, Ph.D.