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This stand-alone title is a repackage of what was previously known as True Courage, the fourth book in the Uncommon Heroes series.

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Uncommon Heroes: Welcome to a world where friendships go deep, loyalties stand strong, and uncommon heroes perform the toughest jobs in the world. Dee Henderson’s military romance series provides a detailed passage into the world of the military and homeland heroes, and those they love.


FBI motto: “Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity”  


A killer returns.

FBI agent Luke Falcon has a dead woman on his hands, a fresh victim from his old adversary Frank Hardin. This time, Frank won’t walk away. But even that case will have to wait when Luke’s extended family disappears over Labor Day weekend. Is there a harmless explanation? Or could they have been victims of a sordid crime?


A fragile love falters.

Fifth-grade teacher Caroline Lane cares deeply for Luke, but she’s not certain she can handle the pressures of dating someone in his line of work. When foul play strikes his family, she gets a far closer view of those pressures than she ever wanted. She’s grateful that God brought Luke into her life. But will they share anything more than tragedy by the time the storm passes?


A kidnapping goes awry.

Luke has never worked a case involving family. It’s tempting to let his hardened exterior weaken, given the circumstances. But he has to be strong if he’s going to bring them all home. When the ransom delivery doesn’t go down as planned and the bodies start piling up, so does Luke’s frustration. He fears that innocent people may not survive this crisis…and neither will his relationship with Caroline.


Previously published as True Courage.




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