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Big Sky Dreams series, book 3.

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Token Creek — 1884

Jessie Wheeler knows how to take care of herself and her girls. The owner of Token Creek’s general store has been doing it for a long time—nearly eight years—since the day her husband walked out on her.

Seth Redding, Jessie’s husband, has done a lot of thinking in those years, some of it in a jail cell. Looking back on their marriage, he can’t believe he left Jessie and their baby. It was true that Jessie had her own way of doing things and could be hardheaded, but they had shared a special kind of love, too, at least early on. If only he’d known then what he knows now…

Seth is a changed man, but will he ever be able to show Jessie that? Will she even let him try?

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Harvest House Publishers


Big Sky Dreams


Lori Wick